[Mooto Taekwondo] How to make core strength and balance.

What a beautiful spring coming. We were not moving too much in winter. We wonder it, what happened my back and my valley during the winter. you could lose your core balance too. 
We want to introduce some home exercise those who worried about core balance.

That is plank !!!

Why we have to do plank

Here is six tips to hold a plank

1.  Do a plank every single day
2. Turn the stop watch over so you can’t se it
3. Read magazine article or the internet
4. Countdown backward in your head really slow
5. Do it until it hurts then hold for 30 seconds more
6. Listen to your favorite music, average song last 4 min

Let’s learn~! how to do flank.

First of all, It so simple. just make your posture like a push-up position after that together, bend your elbow and hold your hand together.

Second, you gonna make your back straight.

Third, First time 20 ~ 30 sec set your goal. When you easy to do 20 or 30 sec, you can do more 10 sec. you can make 2 – 3 set . 

Now, no more excuse. I don’t have a time and space ect.  It is easy to do at your TV or in your room anywhere.


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