Mr. Edward's Taekwondo training Diary - Taekwondo training in Mooto  

Edward Kirchmeier



Fantastic training tonight at the Mooto Taekwondo Academy! The first hour was focused on forms practice, very technical in detail.

The second hour of training was dedicated to sparring. First we worked on combination speed kicking drills on the target paddles.

After 30 minutes of that we were all pretty smoked. The black belts had to do a harder series of kicks, and we we're all drenched in sweat and near collapse by the time we got a 5 minute water break.

Then we padded up to practice those same kicks under sparring conditions. At the end we got to do some free sparring.

Everyone is terrified of me because I'm so big compared to them, but I think after tonight they realize I've got great control and I'm not going to hurt anyone.


The instructor specifically asked me to just be a target for the three most junior belts, who are women. Any kick I did was like slow motion, and just a light tap, so they could practice a fast counter-kick. But mostly I just moved around to present them a target, leaving myself open to get kicked.


So after that I think they realize I'm not going to hurt anyone. The instructor was very happy with me.

Monday is done!


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