[Mooto Taekwondo] The 12th black belt promotion ceremony

The 12th black belt promotion ceremony held in mooto academy on 19th of September. 

 13 black belt candidates succeeded the black belt promotion ceremony. They are ready to be a black belt. They had a good performance and good attitude.



They did a lot of preparation for the black belt promotion ceremony.

Finally, they got a black belt.



Many parents presented as a witness.  

Even many black belt seniors presented black belt promotion ceremony for watching and congratulation.

[New belt are waiting for black belt candidates]

[They had a good performance]

[Mr. Park's self defense]

[Senior black belt students shown Taekwondo performance for new black belt students] 

[13 black belt are candidates waiting new belt]

[Grand master Lee tied up new belt for student]

 [Group photo]

Did a great job.

Congratulation everyone. 


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